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Can a Composer Avoid Teaching?

Over at NewMusicBox: "Much of the now legendary American new music of the previous era was largely the work of unaffiliated freelancers". Now, "new music and the arts overall have become increasingly professionalized in America, to the point where it has become nearly unthinkable that a young composer might forego graduate studies and an eventual Ph.D. and simply go it alone."

Dan Joseph considers the impact that this and rising costs of living have had on the American new music scene:

With a more reasonable cost of living in culturally active cities such as New York City or San Francisco, composers could more easily build their lives around the pursuit of their craft, while earning a modest living doing a part-time side job. Just ask Philip Glass who, reflecting back on his early career in the late ’60s and early ’70s during a 2012 Village Voice interview, said, "You could work three days a week loading a truck or driving a cab, and you’d have enough money to live off of, but that’s not true anymore."

Going it Alone (New Music Box)

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