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Good News From Orlando

The Orlando music scene has been a turbulent one. It faces a unique combination of a high seasonal/tourist population and intense competition from the most popular theme parks on the planet. In 2009, Orlando Opera filed for bankruptcy, leaving the Orlando Philharmonic as the only large resident performing arts company in the region.

However, things have been looking up in recent years with the opening of the brand new Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. And now the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra and Opera Orlando (formerly Florida Opera Theatre, founded by devoted volunteers after the collapse of the poorly-managed Orlando Opera) have announced a partnership in which the Philharmonic will serve as resident orchestra for the opera company.

It's not quite the full merger which has worked so well to streamline operations in places like Sacramento, Salt Lake, and Dayton, but it's a good start. Cooperation like this between performing arts organizations is always good for the community.

Chris MyersComment