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Not Juilliard's Finest PR Moment

We're really unclear on the point of this story, unless it's to paint arts students as solipsistic. We're particularly fond of the contrast between the passionate sincerity of their quotes and the implication that your average baroque flute grad student drops $1200 on casual outerwear at Ralph Lauren, jazz bassists outdo them in $3600 Alexander McQueen sweaters, and sophomore violinists wander around in $5200 Gucci ensembles...


  • "We in the arts aspire to move people, to provide solace, hope or joy at difficult moments." (Ralph Lauren sweater, $1195... Margaret Howell shirt, $585... his own pants, glasses and belt.)
  • "There's a lot of sacrifice that goes into dance..." (Lemaire tunic, $940... Céline skirt, $1300)

Also, Juilliard's student population is 17.4% Asian. Anyone want to hazard a guess why not a single Asian student made the cut? (On the other hand, scattered and hesitant applause to them for featuring four African-American students... even if they made sure that two of them were jazz majors.)